At Bird, we use the three Rs as a basis for all aspects of our business. Reduce reduce your impact wherever possible We use water based and AZO free chemical dyes for our coloured base cloths. Water based screen printing inks, heat fixing and a three fold rinsing system before water reaches the sewer, ensures a responsible approach to waste/run off management in the printing process. The passive solar principles used in the build of our studio negate the need for air conditioning, and significantly reduce our need for heating in winter. Any heating we do need is provided through a flueless methylated spirits burner which produces no waste. Reuse recycle and reuse wherever possible Our patterns and cutting policy is cyclic. In fact, the growth of our business has been defined by our use of waste. Our homewares range was started as a way to use offcuts from our fashion range. And our gift range, to use waste from the homewares range. All scrap fabric is recycled and either made into buttons and brooches, or smaller gift items. Anything that cant be used for products is bundled into remnant packs and sold through our retail outlets. Nothing bigger than an A4 piece of paper goes in the bin. Liner bags for distribution of products are made using corn starch. Packing boxes are made from recycled content. Print cartridges are recycled through Planet Ark. All swingtags/office supplies/packaging is recycled or has biodegradable content. Cleaning products are biodegradable, toilet paper is 100% recycled.
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