Eco friendly homewares, Organic cotton products, Green clothing

About Bird As Australia's first climate neutral business, 'Bird' is a young brand with a big voice and a strong platform for creating awareness about sustainability amongst consumers. Bird is the brainchild of designer, Rachel Bending, whose work focuses on pioneering sustainability in design. Rachels work started with Slingfings, a brand widely recognized for its environmental consciousness, spearheading a new era of consumerism. Bird continues this brand ethos. Birds' collection of exquisitely designed fabrics are at the core of the brand. The prints are designed at our studio in the Byron Bay hinterland and hand printed using water based dyes. A range of timeless garments, homewares and giftwares have been developed to compliment the fabrics. The products are then handmade using solar power. Bird is a range of luxury eco products for those who appreciate quality and style, and care about the planet on which they live. Rachel is from the UK originally, and studied textile design at the renowned Glasgow School of Art in the early 90's. She spent several years working as an event director for The Princes Trust and the Saatchi group in London before emigrating to Australia in 2001 and has combined her passion for the environment with her training in design to create Bird.   Bird products are handmade on the edge of the rainforest, in the Byron Bay hinterland, on the coast of northern New South Wales, Australia. Bird ……pioneering sustainability in design.

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Bird Textiles Emporium is an exclusive contemporary eco store, for people who appreciate quality and style, and care about the planet
on which they live. Browse through our extensive eco friendly homewares, fashion, fabric and giftware ranges, our user friendly
webshop features a selection of over 35 different certified organic cotton products, each available in its own selection of vibrant, hand
printed designs and prints.

Widely regarded as a pioneer in sustainable design, our heritage listed flagship store in the heart of Sydney's design district, along with
a network of retailers across the continent have ensured Bird Textiles has grown to become one of Australias best known and loved eco
brands. Our user friendly online shop ensures the range accessible to a global marketplace, serving customers far and wide, from the
USA, across Europe and Asia as well as in our home territory in the Pacific.

Bird Textiles Emporium is your one stop shop for eco friendly homewares, organic cotton products, handmade body products, green
clothing and fashion. We can help you create a beautiful home with our selected range of homewares, dress you for a glamorous night
out on the town, or make gift giving stylish and easy.

Showcasing the best in sustainable design, at Bird we believe that handmade, quality, ethical and sustainable products are the way to
go.....our certified organic cotton products are all about sustainable and green living.

While 'going green' is still new to some consumers, the social movement is gaining popularity as consumers realise the benefits to
both the planet and themselves. Bird's products are made using certified organic cotton, printed using low impact dyes and
manufactured using solar power. The entire lifecycle of the business is considered, and energy, pollution and water saving methods
are employed in all areas of the business, from the use of offcuts and waste (recycled into our fabulous eco friendly homewares and
gift ranges) to the renewable energy used to run our studio.

One of the most popular parts of our range is our green clothing and fashion range, so we thought we'd give you a bit of background
info on what makes a garment green.

The greenest clothing is often going to be the garments you already own. No more resources are required to use these garments. But
with the washing requirements for some garments being the biggest eco cost of all, sometimes those old dry clean only coats and
jumpers just don't add up!

The longevity of a garments use is the next best option, so make sure your purchases are made to last, both in terms of quality and
classic styling. Birds green clothing range is made with longevity in mind, our styles are classic ageless designs which are easy to fit,
become wardrobe staples, and can be gentle machine cold washed and line dried. Certified organic cotton products are always going
to be your next best port of call. Not only have the fibres not been subject to synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and
fertilisers but the fibre is also easily compostable.

Birds commitment to sustainable design has been an integral part of the brand, and as time moves on we continue to monitor
processes technologies (see our ethical policy in  the 'Sustainable Design' section of our website), improving how we work to bring
you the products you want, in the way you want. Your role, as the vigilante consumer, is as crucial as ours, so keep shopping green!

Thank you for supporting sustainability in design.
Happy shopping. :D