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Blog Page No. 4

We’ve been checking out the work of Rune Guneriussen in Norway. He’s got the installation in nature thing going on.

Like Andy Goldworthy (see my previous blog post earlier this year), most of his installations are temporary, and recorded for prosperity through photograph. The photograph as a medium ultimately becomes as important as the installation.

Guneriussen’s work on objects such as tables, lamps and chairs started in 2005, and has been photographed on location all over Norway. The objects are ‘cast’ in landscape scenes, as if part of a story.

As an artist he believes that his work should be ‘questioning and bewildering’.

We love his quirky compositions.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The curvilicous Wright House in Durban

Following up our series of posts on curvy homes, I came across this stunning home in Durban, South Africa. But this one’s a double whammy.

Those of you who’ve seen our nest, will know I have a thing for curves. Curves.....ahhhh.. But I also have a thing for straw. At our house, the walls are made from strawbales, so we were able to create long ambling organic curves with the bales and a chainsaw (see my blog post on our home from last year).

What’s fabulous about the Wright house in Durban, is the way they’ve combined the straw and curves. Not strawbales, as we’ve used at our home, but straw thatch.

South Africans are renowned for their thatched roof homes, its a traditional building technique used for centuries. This take on traditional technique with a very modernist building style is highly unusual...and yet it works. The texture of the straw is divine, and works well with the smooth flowing curved structure.

Hyper-minimalist poster designs of the classic children’s stories we’ve grown to know and love by former design gun for hire, Christian Jackson of Square Inch Design.

There are more here.

What’s not to like. :)

The 2011 London Design Festival has just come to an end, and I’ve been watching from afar, a little in awe of this years amazing programme. Now in its ninth year, it is a showcase for the best of furniture, interi¬ors, textiles, craft, graphics, fashion, and architecture. Phewi.

The V&A Museum is the Festivals main hub venue, with Tent at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, Shoreditch, the unofficial HQ for East London’s Design Festival.

My favourite installation from this years festival has been the V&A’s showpiece this year.

Naturally, it’s a textile installation.

Frances most accomplished design duo, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec,  in collaboration with Kvadrat, are responsible for this stunning installation in the V & A Museum, intended to provide a space to “lounge” while contemplating the surrounding Raphael Cartoons Gallery in a more relaxed setting. The textile installation is 30 meters long and 8 meters wide, and takes up over 240sqm of the floor of the famous gallery floor.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Little Bird, Little Bird takes flight

Today our new bespoke and limited edition organic childrenswear label Little Bird, Little Bird took flight. Yippee!

What’s Little Bird, Little Bird all about? Well, for years, customers have asked us to design a childrenswear range, it was on ‘the list’. The list was very long!

In October 2010 I gave birth to my first child, Quincy...or Little Miss Q, as she is known to us. There’s nothing like having a baby to focus you, and in the moments between sleeping and feeding and the general mayhem of being a new mum, I wanted to make something special for her. She is such a gorgeous little poppet. Well, two and two makes four ......Little Bird, Little Bird just kinda happened.

My greatest inspiration comes from children....seeing how switched on they are to the changes we need to make. Our future lies with the children….and they are really clued up when it comes to sustainability and taking care of this planet we live on. It made sense to make sustainable fashion for little people.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Richard Rogers' ode to Wales

ODE  1. A lyric poem in the form of an address to a particular subject, often elevated in style or manner, written in varied or irregular meter and expressive of exalted or enthusiastic emotion. 2. A poem meant to be sung.

Many of you will know that I grew up in Wales. That’s Old South Wales, rather than New South Wales. The land of song.  ‘We’ll keep a welcome in the hillside, we’ll keep a welcome in the vales, this land you knew will still be singing, when you come home again to Wales....’ Sigh.

This Christmas I’ll be going home for Christmas in Wales. We are taking our daughter home to the land of song for the very first time.

So it seems kinda fitting to share a special bit of Wales with you today. To share with you a building whose structure ebbs and flows with the songs of Wales, encapsulating the heart and soul of its nation.


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Natures life force captured in clay

Nuala O’Donovan is a young potter from Cork in Ireland.

She graduated in Three Dimensional Design from Middlesex University in 1994, and a Masters in Ceramics in 2008. She works in clay.

Her fascination with the shapes and forms in flowers, trees, snow crystals is based on an interest in fractal geometries and mathematical formulas. It is the irregular patterns in nature which she uses as a system of constraint when creating these amazing ceramic artworks. The scars, burns, wrinkles, flaw caused by unique experience.

In her artist statement she explains, ‘The evidence of a response to random events visible in patterns in nature, is testament to the ability of living organisms to recover, to respond, and to continue growing and changing. It is the imperfections in the patterns caused by a unique experience that are evidence of the life force in living organisms.’.

We love.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Charley Harper....an Illustrated Life

For those of you who haven’t as yet had the pleasure, I am about to introduce you to the amazing work of the late American modernist artist, Charley Harper.

I first came across, and fell in love with, Charleys work a number of years ago, whilst researching modernist style bird illustrations (of course).

Charley was best known for his vast collection of highly stylized wildlife prints, posters and book illustrations. During his career, he illustrated numerous books, notably The Golden Book of Biology, magazines such as Ford Times, as well as many prints, posters, and other works. He also created works for many nature-based organizations, among them the National Park Service; Cincinnati Zoo; Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania and the Everglades National Park.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Glass Sand Beach

Next to time you’re in San Francisco, take a road trip north up the coast to Fort Bragg, and experience one of natures’ defining moments, its ability to turn trash into treasure.

In the early part of last century, Fort Bragg chose to dispose of its household waste off the cliffs above a beach near the town. With little regard for the environmental damage or pollution they were causing, its inhabitants tossed household waste, appliances, even automobiles into the sea. Eventually the beach was so seriously polluted it was nicknamed ‘The Dumps’.

In 1967 the North Coast Water Quality Board closed the area completely and initiated a series of cleanups to slowly reverse decades of pollution. But there was one thing too impossible to tackle: the millions of tiny glass shards churning in the surf.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Burd Haus. Home to the uber chic chick.

Wrap Modern Birdhouse in Vintage Orange
Wrap Modern Birdhouse in Vintage Orange

I was a very early bird this morning, up with the dawn chorus, tweeting and twirping, and gathering info on my favourite designer bird houses around the world.

Some of you will remember the Bird Textiles cuckoo clock, a limited edition range of clocks we released a couple of years ago, inspired by both the classic German cuckoo clock and the humble bird house. I love a good bird house.  So, here’s a few treats to tickle your fancy....plus a  special treat for those of you who don’t have a spot for a bird house.

First up, Nathan Danials amazing Burd-Haus.  Nathan says his goal is to ‘create modern shelters for our fine, feathered friends’.  His is a contemporary, tongue-in-cheek take on the humble bird house, using classic modernist shapes and fresh aesthetics. With names like ‘Mid Century Modern Birdhouse in Matte Black’ and ‘Case Study: Modern Birdhouse with Attached Pool’, these little gems get 10/10 from us. He describes the aforementioned as ‘the second addition of the modern case study series for the upper middle class modernist birds. A fully functional, water-tight pool is accessible from a side entrance of the house. There are two chill-out spots pool-side that hover above the water surface and act as a perch for the main house.’ Love it.

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