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Blog Archive March 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fields of Joy

How cool are these shots of fields in Leiden, south of Amsterdam in Holland. Pieced together like your nanas finest patchwork quilt, the flowers sprawl across the landscape in mass colour plantings. The colour stripes are made up of millions of different tulip bulbs.

The history of Hollands’ romance with the tulip charts back to the 1600’s, when a horticulturist Carolus Clusius started cultivating tulips in the university grounds. Tulipmania was sweeping the globe and a huge variety of specimens were developed and changed hands for large sums of money.

For a city of only 117,000 people, it’s remarkable to think that 10,000 hectares of prime Leiden agricultural land is devoted to the cultivation of tulips..... resulting in a harvest of an extraordinary 3 billion tulips each year, mostly for the German and U.S. markets.

Planted in October and November, and harvested in the European Spring, the colourful fields revert to a more ordinary offseason planting of vegetables once the season is over.

Ten out of ten for Matt W Moore’s scrumptious seed packaging which I happened across yesterday whilst surfin, duckin and diving the net. I am gonna ooze and rave about them because they really do embody just about all that I love about well designed sustainable product/packaging.

I’m seriously diggin the combination of illustration and typography....could it be possible to get this much pleasure from a play on shape and colour. Love love love.

With a ridiculously impressive client list, Matt of MWM Graphics considers custom typography his lifes work...and it shows. Based in Portland, Maine, in the U.S., Matt works across several different disciplines. His style is really unique. Colourful digital illustrations and commercial projects, all sit comfortably next to a growing list of Fine Art gallery commissions and exhibitions around the world.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Nesting Instinct

So while we’re on the subject of top birds, comfy nests, and chook eggs.....do we talk about anything else?.....we thought you might like a sneak peak of this new offering from German furniture company Dedon.

Dedons take on it is an oversized birds nest, but I’m thinking it looks more like a wild bee hive. Either way, this hanging pod looks tres comf, very cosy cuddly, just the thing for a super chilled lazy Sunday arvo.

Loving the natural fibre and feel. And their emu shot is classic.

I'm thinking I might ditch my bed, and get one of these instead. All top birds need a super comfy nest to sleep in.

Designed by two of Paris’s most intriguing design talents, Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety.


Bring it on.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Egg Nogg for the Urban Chooksta

In January 2010 we became the proud mama and papa of eight (yes eight!) baby girls.

Crikey I can hear you cry!  Eight? Yes. Eight darling lickle chooks.

Our new lickle family, Queenie, Blacky, Glynis, Dorothy, Sharon and M’Lady all lived in a lickle house, under some trees in our orchard on the edge of the rainforest.

They loved the home we had made for them. Sharon, the Silky, thought her new home was nearly as dapper as her hair do. 

The girls thought this was a pretty cool place to live. Glynis liked hanging out on her perch. There were mangos dripping off the trees. Citrus. Lychees. Bananas. Figs.

Queenie and Dorothy had a little natter and decided they were on to a good thing at Rach and Cams nest. And because they were on to such a good thing they laid beautiful fresh golden eggs for our breakfast every morning.

But, you know, M’Lady ...well M’Lady had an eye for detail. She was a cut above the rest. She yearned for a home, with a little bit more style. Panache. She wanted to nest down in something a little more stylin.

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