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Blog Archive June 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seedbom - a war on terra

Their strapline reads “War on Terra, seedboms are friendly bombs exploding with flower power for responsible rebels in the war against weary wastelands”. .....and eco vandals around the world are soaking and shaking with covert rebellion.

Following the growing movement in guerrilla gardening, these funky little seedboms are handmade in the UK from reclaimed and recycled materials such as post consumer paper and used egg cartons. They also contain organic peat free compost, organic fertiliser and a selection of easy to grow flower seeds. The seedboms breakdown over time and biodegrade into the environment leaving only flowers behind.

The concept struck a chord with Selfridges new concept store in the UK, ‘Grow’ , and so in collaboration with Selfridges and Guerillagardening.org , Seedbom were given the enviable opportunity of creating a Selfridges window display with their product, in Selfridges main windows Oxford Street, London.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Tree in Changing Light

'We wrote philosophies, built faiths and took every kind of comfort from trees. They gave language to our existence as we put down roots, stretched our limbs, budded in infancy and were felled in old age.

They were mute companions to our lives and worshipped beyond themselves as the better part of balance and aspiration.

They offered steadiness and long patience even as we failed in those.

They offered an image of completion, which was an illusion, but it was enough.

Theirs was a whisper in the wind to the human ear both tragic and hopeful. Civilisation grew from exploiting, destroying, venerating, and looking back on them.

Trees led us to ourselves and we stood against them, trunk to trunk, arms upon branches, our thoughts tangled in the stars.'

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A compostable USB stick?

Russia’s leading industrial, graphic and web design studio Art. Lebedev has come up with a new concept for the flash drive USB stick. The Flashkus.

Purchased in magazine sheets, and detached along perforations as needed, the bulk of the packaging can be composted, with the electronics all contained in the tip of a detachable cardboard module. The recycled cardboard material is easy to write on directly, negating the need for stickers or additional packaging.

Alternatively, the cardboard can be custom branded or use feature graphics. Maybe a Bird Flashkus?

Art. Levebdev Studio’s Constitution is worth a glance.  I particularly like points 11 & 20.

As are the portraits of its art directors.


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Big Plans for Little People

I’ve always been an ideas girl..... an ongoing stream of glowing lightbulbs are constantly popping on and off in my head one after another, day in day out. And, Bird Textiles, as a vehicle for change, has afforded me the opportunity to bring many of these ideas to fruition.

For a lot of people, getting from the lightbulb to the fruit tree stage is where they hit a stumbling block. Sometimes there isn’t the money to pursue the project..... or they don’t have the expertise, understanding or experience needed to make their idea happen. Often, it’s just too much of a push outside their comfort zone, and they shelf the dream and settle comfortably back into their day to day routine.

Well, imagine a platform devoted entirely to talking about your idea, and helping you make it happen. Offering up the support, community networking and information needed to make a dream come true.

PlanBig.  Community projects, environmental change, music, arts, science , sports, education, business.....it’s all going on through the PlanBig platform. Check out their little promo vid which explains how it works.

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