a lickle baby bird ......

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    Things have been pretty busy round here recently...mostly because I've become a very happy Mama Bird, to our divine baby girl, Quincy, who is 10 weeks old today.

    Quincy was born, at home, with the early sounds of the dawn chorus to greet her, on October 5th. She is the best thing since sliced bread and we love her to bits. :)

    Over the years lots of you have requested a baby bird range...and now then, don't get too excited, are you still keen as mustard?.....our very own little poppet looks so cute in her homemade baby bird we thought you might like some too.

    If you would, then please email info@birdtextile.com marked in the subject 'we love baby bird', with any comments, special requests, or feedback on a baby bird range. No promises as yet, but we will see.....

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