10 days celebrating 10 years at Bird - Day 3

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  • It’s official. This week we are celebrating 10 years at Bird! We will be looking back at highlights from the last 10 years at Bird, there will be daily $200 prize draws, and a huge giveaway on Wednesday 5th September, so stay tuned!

    The story continues.......

    The growth of Slingfings left Rachel with a new problem. How to find the quantities of vintage fabric required to continue to fulfil all the orders she was receiving. It occurred to her that the only way to really grow was to be able to access fabrics in larger quantities.

    With vintage fabrics becoming more difficult to find, and the limitations of having to create all one off pieces, Rachel looked to her training and roots in textile design and decided her best approach would be to design her own range of fabrics. Using the hundreds of different vintage prints she had handled as inspiration, she designed her own range of fabrics, and launched the new brand ‘Bird Textiles’.

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    Email info@birdtextile.com with the name of one of the dress styles from the first fashion season at Bird Textiles, to go in today’s draw to win $200 of Bird product. Write ‘Day 3 Draw’ in the header of your email.

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