The Audio Design Museum

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  • How's this for a wicked idea.

    Object Gallery, and the guys who brought us the Sydney and Melbourne Design Guides, have got together to create the Audio Design Museum.

    The theory is, no gallery space could ever be big enough to capture the creativity of an entire city. So, they’ve done away with the concept of a conventional design museum, and made the city the exhibition space.....with tours that guide towards hotspots of design and the stories and people behind it.

    You can download the audio tours and accompanying maps, for free, direct from the Audio Design Museum website straight to your mp3 player or iphone and hear designers tell there story as you pound the pavement.

    We love it!

    The first precinct tour in Melbournes Gertrude Street launched this week, with Flinders Lane and Melbourne City Walk precincts launching later in August.

    Sydneys Surry Hills & Darlinghurst, with Bird Textiles Emporium one of ten designers chosen to represent the precinct, and Paddington also launch in August with Brisbanes precincts launching in October.

    Talk about making design accessible to the people. Too cool. :)

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