Big Plans for Little People

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  • I’ve always been an ideas girl..... an ongoing stream of glowing lightbulbs are constantly popping on and off in my head one after another, day in day out. And, Bird Textiles, as a vehicle for change, has afforded me the opportunity to bring many of these ideas to fruition.

    For a lot of people, getting from the lightbulb to the fruit tree stage is where they hit a stumbling block. Sometimes there isn’t the money to pursue the project..... or they don’t have the expertise, understanding or experience needed to make their idea happen. Often, it’s just too much of a push outside their comfort zone, and they shelf the dream and settle comfortably back into their day to day routine.

    Well, imagine a platform devoted entirely to talking about your idea, and helping you make it happen. Offering up the support, community networking and information needed to make a dream come true.

    PlanBig.  Community projects, environmental change, music, arts, science , sports, education, business.....it’s all going on through the PlanBig platform. Check out their little promo vid which explains how it works.

    There’s some pretty magical success stories on PlanBig, not least Ethikl, which created an online market place dedicated to ethical organic sustainable producers, and the inspired Urban Food Maps documenting where food is grown on publicly accessible land, and fostering community interaction through this.

    But amongst our favourites is Jennifer Sandos long running campaign ‘I want to take a portrait of Eddie Vedder’ which was picked up as by Frankie Magazine and saw her eventually realising her dream.

    The plan can be as big or small as you like. Global or local in nature, some of the most inspiring are community groups coming together to create playgrounds or mens sheds. It’s all about realising the idea at the end of the day.

    We love it.

    Oh and we really love their promo vid, so make sure you check it out.

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