Dumpster Diving

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  • If it’s true that one man’s trash in another man’s treasure, Goldsmiths (prestigious UK art school ) design graduate Oliver Bishop-Young should be an extremely wealthy man. The London-based designer repurposes rented skips under the guise of the ‘Skipwaste Project’ to create patches of communal outdoor space, challenging what we perceive as waste and wasted space.

    He has transformed skips into a variety of cool outdoor spaces, including a swimming pool, a living room, a garden, a skate ramp and a campsite.  His designs aim to encourage recycling and sharing discarded objects as well as creative uses of space in a crowded city.

    He looks at three main areas: exchange of waste materials, re-use of waste and making use of wasted spaces and has developed useful tools to help determine what is in a skip, including a mirror because "It can be shameful for some to be seen peering into a skip", and a blackboard to provide a catalogue of what is on offer.


    He then set up an online system so people can share the knowledge of what they found, so that skip searchers (or dumpster divers for those of you reading in the U.S.) can go get what they need instead of having to randomly search, a sort of Google Map for dumpster divers.

    We think he rocks!

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