Every Object Tells A Story

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  • Wikipedia defines the hobby of collecting to ‘include seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloguing, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever items are of interest to the individual collector’.

    Some collectors are generalists, accumulating merchandise, or stamps from all countries of the world. Others focus on a subtopic within their area of interest, perhaps 19th century postage stamps, milk bottle labels from Sussex, or Mongolian harnesses and tack.

    For me, over the years, my small highly collectable, rather exclusive collection of hand blown glass birds, by reknowned Finnish glass designer Oiva Toikka has been somewhat superseded by a larger collection of birds. You see, roughly around the time my nickname became ‘Bird’ my dear friends and family took it upon themselves to start buying me bird themed presents. I should clearly state, I had no hand in this decision, it was as if a great big fluoro light went on in the collective brain of those around me. From here on in, I was going to be easy to buy presents for. And that they did. Bless them.

    Bird cards, bird candleholders, bird garlic presses, bird mobiles, bird garden ornaments, bird jewellery, bird tins, bird cages ...bird...bird.....bird...... I could go on.

    Much as I love my bird collection, it is my small collection of vintage cake racks which I really covet. They hang on the wall in the kitchen and I’m always on the look out for more.

    I think collecting is in my bones. Collections, and how they are presented, fascinates me. So, when randomly trawling the internet, if a collection pops up, I bookmark it. Just can’t help myself.

    People collect weird and wonderful things.

    These are some of my favourite collections from the last couple of months. Enjoy.

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