Knitty, Gritty and Lego?

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  • The work of two artists is creatively, and literally, filling gaps at locations all around the world.

    You’ll remember our previous post on Pothole Gardens. These guys are patching holes with two completely different materials.

    Jan Vormann’s material of choice is lego....which he uses to fill in damaged or decaying brick or stone walls. The visual effect is rather surreal...theres something quite odd but strangly captivating about the finished ‘artworks’. Dispatchwork is an ongoing global project with roots in Bocchigano, Italy. With a growing following and requests for participation, he has broadened the concept to dispatchers worldwide, and the phenomonen has already spread to over 35 countries.

    Juliana Santacruz Herrera is a girl after my own heart, working with colourful yarns and braids to repair ugly potholes on the streets of Paris. Once again, the effect is quite surreal but beautiful, with splashes of colour bringing streetscapes to life.


    I love these random street art concepts. They make me want to rush out and splash around some colour chaos.
    Follow our links for further info and images from these two artists.


    Next week a look at the work of my favourite sculptor ..... the grandmaster of wrapping and filling.

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    References: http://www.dispatchwork.info/