Little Bird, Little Bird takes flight

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  • Today our new bespoke and limited edition organic childrenswear label Little Bird, Little Bird took flight. Yippee!

    What’s Little Bird, Little Bird all about? Well, for years, customers have asked us to design a childrenswear range, it was on ‘the list’. The list was very long!

    In October 2010 I gave birth to my first child, Quincy...or Little Miss Q, as she is known to us. There’s nothing like having a baby to focus you, and in the moments between sleeping and feeding and the general mayhem of being a new mum, I wanted to make something special for her. She is such a gorgeous little poppet. Well, two and two makes four ......Little Bird, Little Bird just kinda happened.

    My greatest inspiration comes from children....seeing how switched on they are to the changes we need to make. Our future lies with the children….and they are really clued up when it comes to sustainability and taking care of this planet we live on. It made sense to make sustainable fashion for little people.


    So..... Little Bird, Little Bird is our new bespoke and limited edition organic childrenswear range.


    It really has been so much fun designing a range of garments for children, and that fun comes across in the designs, shapes, styles of the garments. 

    Our collection of exquisitely designed organic fabrics are at the core of the collection. Fabrics are designed at our studio, and hand printed using water based dyes. It feels like the fabrics were always meant to be used for childrenswear. The detailing in the prints has a charming naivety to it, and the colours are bright and cheery, something little ones can carry off so much better than us big people.

    We designed a range of playful, timeless classic childrens garments to compliment the fabrics. With frills, and ruffles and smocking and oh so cute little bird buttons, they are easy to wear.

    As an additional feature, in house design and production allows us to make a bespoke service available to customers. Individually hand crafting childrens garments can be tailored using the extensive catalogue of original designs in our organic fabric range. If you are interested in this service please contact us on info@littlebirdlittlebird.com.

    Little Bird, Little Bird designs will be released in small, limited edition collections, and available exclusively online through our webstore.

    To be kept informed of new stock releases please ‘like’ our facebook page by following this link where we will be announcing each new release as it happens.

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