Natures life force captured in clay

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  • Nuala O’Donovan is a young potter from Cork in Ireland.

    She graduated in Three Dimensional Design from Middlesex University in 1994, and a Masters in Ceramics in 2008. She works in clay.

    Her fascination with the shapes and forms in flowers, trees, snow crystals is based on an interest in fractal geometries and mathematical formulas. It is the irregular patterns in nature which she uses as a system of constraint when creating these amazing ceramic artworks. The scars, burns, wrinkles, flaw caused by unique experience.

    In her artist statement she explains, ‘The evidence of a response to random events visible in patterns in nature, is testament to the ability of living organisms to recover, to respond, and to continue growing and changing. It is the imperfections in the patterns caused by a unique experience that are evidence of the life force in living organisms.’.

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