one tree, 478 lemons

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  • We've been blessed with a bumper crop of lemons this year, here at Bird HQ in Byron Bay. Homegrown, organic lemons. 478 so far, to be exact. From one little tree! And still counting. Eek.

    It's something to do with all that nutritious chook poo mulch our little chooks have been scratching down the hill towards it me thinks. And lots of love and sunshine too.

    Lucky for us, the chooks have been laying lots of eggs too lately, so we had in mind something we could make with all our eggs and lemons. Even luckier for me, my very handy helper Little Miss Q,offered to help harvest the lemons off the tree. And even luckier still, my mum, aka Granny Ang, is a bit of a dab hand at old fashioned lemon curd.

    Dare I say it, but after 30 years in the Womens Institute (the British version of the CWA) Granny Ang has got the humble sponge and the mighty preserve (and quite a few other little gems) down pat. She's been keeping us busy sending over all her award winning recipes. We've been cooking up a storm in the kitchen of Bird HQ, and the fruit of our labours is going down a treat with friends and family. If you'd like a very special recipe from Granny Ang's recipe file read on......

    Theres quite a stash of lemon and grapefruit curd, lemon marmalade, lemon cordial and preserved lemons in our pantry right now. So be warned.....if you are passing through Bird HQ sometime soon, you'll most likely be given a jar of something sweet and sticky to take home with you.

    So, for those of you wandering what to do with your own over abundance....and after many requests from those who have tasted already.....here it is:

    My Mums Award Winning Lemon Curd.....the bestest topping in the world for for hot hot toast, or cold cold icecream. :)

    You'll need:

    1.2 litres of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 860g slightly salted butter, 2.8kg sugar and 2 dozen beaten fresh eggs.

    Take a fine zest off the lemons. Juice lemons and add to zest.

    Set up a double boiler over simmering water. Put butter in bowl with lemon juice, zest and sugar and simmer until butter has melted. Take off heat and allow to cool slightly.

    Lightly beat eggs, strain and then stir into butter and lemon. Put back on to the simmering heat and stir continuously until mixture is slightly thickened and coats the back of a wooden spoon. Do not overcook as it will curdle. (You can place over a bowl of ice to stop the mixture cooking, once it starts thickening if you like).

    Pot into small jars, and cover with cellophane or lid. Keeps in fridge for about 5 weeks. Can be frozen without losing quality, as long as defrosted slowly in fridge.

    Makes 5 litres.

    Treasure this recipe, It will bring much joy to your world. Happy make and baking. Mama Bird. :)





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