Paradise Parking

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  • Many of you will know I am the lucky owner of a 1974 Citroen DS. Otherwise known as ‘The Goddess’.  She is my pride and joy, I shine and polish and gaze lovingly at her. It is an affair of the heart. Ours is a love affair only some will understand.  I waited many years, and she was absolutely worth the wait.

    With mixed feelings, I recently came across the work of photographer Peter Lippmann. Peter lives and works in Paris, France, so it was inevitable really, that a goddess would be featured in this series of photos from his latest work, Paradise Parking. Torn between the violent tug of heart strings strained at seeing a goddess in such disrepair, the joy of texture on texture (come on, I am a textile designer, and it can’t be all doom and gloom), and the divine victory of mother nature reclaimed I have spent hours admiring Lippmanns latest work.

    Stunningly beautiful, haunting, simple. Lippmans old and decaying classic cars are joyful in their abandoned bliss.

    Love love love.

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