Tails for Whales

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  • Ben Peacock and Matt Perry from The Republic of Everyone only work on products, services and brands that do good in the world. Things that encourage recycling or save energy, initiatives that save lives, ideas that promote healthy living and get kids off the couch. They have developed a business focusing exclusively on sustainability and bringing about social change to business.

    They are do-gooders who are good at doing. Win win. :)

    We met them last year at Eat Green Design @ Sydney Design Week and think they are fab.

    So, with the whales/japan thing in the news again we thought some creative cool to prickle peoples conscience and change their mind set was in order.

    Tails for Whales is about getting people to sign a petition, but it feels like so much more than that.

    It started with a symbol and a handful of photographers around Australia. Then a flickr group. Some posters. A simple TV ad. Which was posted on Vimeo and You Tube. A facebook page. Some serious blog coverage. Some new media. Celebrity Endorsement.  And an inspired jump to a global media campaign. All with a tiny budget.

    The first Tails for Whales petition book was over 600 pages long and was delivered to Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, in March 2009. They will be delivering a similar book to US President , Barack Obama, in June 2010.

    We think this campaign uses real strategy and real tactics to deliver hand on heart real results in one of the most simple and effective ways we’ve seen for a long time.

    Ten out of ten. Make sure you post your pic. :)

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