The curvilicious Villa Nefkens

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  • Those of you who’ve seen this mama birds nest, will know I have a thing for curves. At my house, the walls are made from strawbales, so we were able to create long ambling organic curves with the bales and a chainsaw (see my blog post on our home from last year).

    But the bottom line is....curves just do it for me. I think being a curvy kinda girl gave me a head start on appreciation for the non straight line. But when you put curves with architecture and a northern European aesthetic, well.... it’s enough to make me think I’ve died and am on my way to curvalicious heaven.

    Enter Mecanoo. That’s Mecanoo the prominent Dutch architectural practice, not Meccano the children’s model construction system...although there are parallels across both brands. Both have a joyful approach to building. Both are the complete opposite of cool, abstract and minimalism. Maximalist might be a more appropriate term for their approach to building. But it’s creating that warm fuzzy feeling that both brands really have down pat.

    Designing sustainable buildings is in Mecanoo’s DNA. From its founding in 1984, Mecanoo has designed buildings in recognition that sustainability is a social responsibility. In their minds, ‘Sustainability goes beyond the use of solar collectors, heat pumps and a green roof......Sustainability is about lasting through time, identity, a rich morphology, materialization and how the space is experienced. The buildings must inspire their users to be socially and ecologically responsible.'

    Inspire they do.

    Villa Nefkens is a private home situated in Wageningen, the Netherlands, where the border of the Veluwe, the Gelderse Vallei and the Rhine River meet one another. Large terraces elevate the house to just above grade, making the house appear as if it is floating. The villa’s transition from interior to exterior is gradual and a canopy surrounding the whole house provides beautifully framed views while allowing the outdoor spaces to be enjoyed in the summer and autumn.

    But it’s the curves....oh the curves, sigh...that delight the senses and give this amazing property its character. The juxtaposition of form on form, the flow into the natural landscape. Magical. Ten out of ten for this one.

    They’ve done some other less curvy but equally fabulous stuff, all over the place. These were a couple of my favourites.
    La Llotja theatre and conference centre in Lleida, Spain and the National Heritage Museum in Arnhem, Netherlands. Enjoy.

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