The End of my Garden

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  • Hauntingly beautiful, the artworks of Steffan Dam are not all that they seem.

    Originally trained as a toolmaker, Steffen has been working with glass for over 25 years. Blowing, casting, and grinding by hand, he ‘presides over chance’ and traps in perpetuity.

    His artworks suggest the elusive and fragile shapes, colours, and textures of nature, specifically underwater life forms such as embryonic shellfish, jelly fish, and other invertebrates. But they are in fact an illusion, a suggestion, an otherworldly biology lab.

    The artist describes his process of glass making, ‘To me, a garden is a metaphor for everything unregulated. I cultivate the garden, but then there are so many other factors – slugs, wind, frost, sun and rain. It also depends whether I sow too early, too late, or just at the right time..... The garden is under my control and out of control at the same time....... I simply preside over chance. It is just like the process of forming glass’.

    This chance process involves a combination of traditional glass making techniques with a welding torch, coloured glass powder, layers of metal foil and thin layers of carbon.  Once all of the applications have been added, the object is covered in several more layers of clear glass and each one is fused together to make one Specimen Panel—consisting of 25 or more individual glass blocks.

    The end result is just magical.

    Steffen will be exhibiting in Palm Beach, Florida from 20-24 January. For further information on his collection ‘The End of My Garden’ please follow this link.

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