The Fly Catcher

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  • Originally trading as makers of fly catching paper in the early 1920s, Japanese company Kamoi have been manufacturing various forms of industrial masking tape for over 80 years.

    In the summer of 2006, three women; a gallery owner, an artist and a graphic designer, made a trip from Tokyo to the production factory. They had with them a small book of collages and patterns made using some of Kamoi’s coloured rice-paper tapes. After their visit, they were further inspired, and invited 17 of their artist friends to design patterns and prints for them. These in turn, were once again presented to Kamoi.

    Kamoi saw the potential for growth into a whole new market, and realised the idea, launching the sub-brand MT, focusing on ‘sweetness and functionality’. Cleverly designed packaging and a super slick, very Japenesee marketing campaign complete the picture. The rest is history.

    MT, the Japanese washi masking tape, has become a global art, craft and design phenomenon.
    The kinda idea we all wished we thought of. Enjoy the piccies courtesy of Hello Sandwich. :)

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    References: http://hellosandwich.blogspot.com/2011/11/mt-expo-2011.html
    all images by Hello Sandwich.