The Nesting Instinct

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  • So while we’re on the subject of top birds, comfy nests, and chook eggs.....do we talk about anything else?.....we thought you might like a sneak peak of this new offering from German furniture company Dedon.

    Dedons take on it is an oversized birds nest, but I’m thinking it looks more like a wild bee hive. Either way, this hanging pod looks tres comf, very cosy cuddly, just the thing for a super chilled lazy Sunday arvo.

    Loving the natural fibre and feel. And their emu shot is classic.

    I'm thinking I might ditch my bed, and get one of these instead. All top birds need a super comfy nest to sleep in.

    Designed by two of Paris’s most intriguing design talents, Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety.


    Bring it on.

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