Craft extending its Middle Finger. Bring on the C Word.

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  • The C word is misunderstood.
    The C word is a work of art.
    The C word is cutting edge.
    The C word is passed down from generation to generation.
    The C word is desireable
    The C word is unique.

    Brilliantly talented, highly creative, ambitious for their futures..... crafts people have hung their heads in shame in the past when using the C word.

    But the popular resurgence of craft over the last few years, supported by reputable organisations like Object Gallery, Craft Victoria and commercial indie craft ventures like the Finders Keepers markets have impacted on the perception of craft in Australia.

    On the other side of the world, Craftscotlands progressive CEO, Emma Walker, was fresh in the job, when she had a C word epiphany.  ‘Craft, contrary to popular belief or the tired and lacklustre marketing campaigns that so often surround it, is one of the most urgent of art forms’, said Emma. ‘It demands attention. We wanted to inject confidence into the sector.’ And so ‘The C Word’ media campaign was born.

    The spicy ad campaign, entitled "The C Word" has been rapturously received by the public in the UK, as it has been spread through television airings, as a trailer before movies, and of course, virally. Craftscotland is sneaking their message into as many places as possible, including placing Scottish craft onto movie sets, commercials and other unlikely (but highly visible) venues. 

    The organization understands that craft has a brilliant history in Scotland, but it also occupies a significant place in contemporary culture. 

    Just as gay rights activists reclaimed the "Q" word and African-Americans tried reclaiming the "N" word, craftscotland is bringing together generations of makers and a new generation of eco-conscious consumer, rallying them around "the C word".  It certainly didn't need a government organization to empower and legitimize me, but it's interesting to see the suits taking notice. 

    Check it out. www.craftscotland.co.uk

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