The Tree in Changing Light

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  • 'We wrote philosophies, built faiths and took every kind of comfort from trees. They gave language to our existence as we put down roots, stretched our limbs, budded in infancy and were felled in old age.

    They were mute companions to our lives and worshipped beyond themselves as the better part of balance and aspiration.

    They offered steadiness and long patience even as we failed in those.

    They offered an image of completion, which was an illusion, but it was enough.

    Theirs was a whisper in the wind to the human ear both tragic and hopeful. Civilisation grew from exploiting, destroying, venerating, and looking back on them.

    Trees led us to ourselves and we stood against them, trunk to trunk, arms upon branches, our thoughts tangled in the stars.'


    Words from 'The Tree in Changing Light' by Roger McDonald. Published by KNOPF

    Images from www.thecoolhunter.net



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