Typographic Upcycling for the Uber Savvy

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  • Ten out of ten for Matt W Moore’s scrumptious seed packaging which I happened across yesterday whilst surfin, duckin and diving the net. I am gonna ooze and rave about them because they really do embody just about all that I love about well designed sustainable product/packaging.

    I’m seriously diggin the combination of illustration and typography....could it be possible to get this much pleasure from a play on shape and colour. Love love love.

    With a ridiculously impressive client list, Matt of MWM Graphics considers custom typography his lifes work...and it shows. Based in Portland, Maine, in the U.S., Matt works across several different disciplines. His style is really unique. Colourful digital illustrations and commercial projects, all sit comfortably next to a growing list of Fine Art gallery commissions and exhibitions around the world.

    These seed packets were designed for CaseMate who were interested in working with an upcycling concept around seeds. The goal of upcycling is to prevent wasting potentially useful materials by making use of existing ones.  Each product comes in a break apart package that becomes a windowsill plant box. Included inside are various seed packs and a soil disk.

    What they have ended up with was is a useful, energetic, educational product in beautifully designed upcyclable packaging. Although I have to say, with such divine typographic artwork on the outside of the packaging it would break my heart to let these little beauties go soggy on the windowsill.

    Also featured are recent digital illustrative work ‘The New Black’ for Urban Outfitter, and pages from the Computer Arts Projects magazine.

    To see more of Matts work follow the link to his website. Make sure you check out some of his custom typography and his large scale installations.


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