Cast yourself back to a time before language existed, before words were spoken… At 35,000 years, human beings are a relative newcomer to the planet. In contrast, fossil records for the sacred ibis go back 60 million years, and further evidence suggests birds have been around for over 150 million years. Birds are not governed by our linear interpretation of time. They move according to the flow of the seasons. Birds have the power to fly, to transcend barriers, both physical and metaphorical. The notion of flight, or ascendance, equates to the idea of somehow being able to ‘climb out of’ time to transcend the barriers that we humans have constructed around ourselves. Another attribute of the bird is its ability to see things from a height, to see the world in a different way. If we step outside of ourselves and persuade ourselves to see things from above, then we add a whole new dimension to our thinking. Birds are such adept communicators that the language of the birds is symbolic of the rapport between creatures and humankind. Being conversant with that language implies the possession of insightful wisdom about nature. Birds are barometers of environmental change, and when the survival of the planet has relied on a form of communication that goes beyond the ability to speak, the bird can be seen as the bearer of the word, the messenger. Inspired by the words of Adele Nozedar in ‘The Secret Language of Birds’.
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