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Ethical Investment
Investment blog including articles on ethical investing and other sustainable ways to get ahead.
Bayshore Recycling
A DEP Class B recycling operation, that accepts concrete, asphalt, brick, block, ID-27 and slag in the northeast.
Iowa Recycling Association
A non-profit organization providing a forum to learn about waste management issues.
Go-Green Bottle Depot and Recycling
A recycling centre in Vancouver accepting bottles, paint, cans, and metal.
Washington Refuse and Recycling Organization
An organization for the waste and recycling industry in Washington State.
Harmony Industries, Inc.
Buys and sells scrap plastic, rubber and other recyclable materials.
Foam Recycle Center
Collects and purchases post-consumer and post-industrial polyurethane flexible foam such as used carpet pads and furniture cushions.
Converts solid waste into synthetic building materials such as tile, slate and siding.
Miller Recycling Corporation
Full service recycling company.
Key Environmental
Industrial absorbents, waste recycling and disposal.
Scientific Developments Inc.
Manufacturer of molded and recycled scrap tire rubber products.
Suyash Group
Manufacturers and solution providers for products related to water and air pollution equipment, effluent and waste water treatment. Oil water separators for petroleum industries (oil refineries and te...
Full Circle Recycling
Offers commercial recycling collection for offices, office buildings and multi-unit residential buildings.
Solway Recycling
Offers recycling of plastic waste from agriculture, aquaculture and other industry markets.
Environmental Recycling Alternatives, Inc.
Offers services and equipment for recycling of non-harzardous materials.
Marwol Metals
Offers the buying and selling of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.
TCI Incorporated
Offers waste disposal, recycling services and environmentally safe disposal of PCB and non-PCB contaminated electrical equipment.
NCB Commodities, Inc.
Processes and markets paper, plastic, metal and glass recyclables.
Amazon Environmental, Inc
Providers of latex paint recycling services.
InHouse Commercial Recyclers
Provides custom recycling and shredding programs for the office or large company located in the Bay Area. Materials include paper, cans, glass, and cardboard.
S O S Environmental, Inc.
Provides environmental remediation solutions including site assessments, soil contamination investigations and ground water contamination investigations.
Result Technology AG
Provides environmental-friendly recovery and recycling of waste compounds.
Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Inc.
Provides fluorescent lamp recycling, mercury recovery and disposal services.
ABNOR Recycling and Cleaning Services
Recycles pipe thread protectors for many of the major oil and gas operators.
Intercon Solutions
Recycles surplus and obsolete electronic equipment.
Elms Recycling
Recycling and processing of jedec and ic trays, semiconductors, rejected components, electronics scrap, computer boards, obsolete electronics parts, refining of precious metal scrap; collection agent ...
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