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Craft is such an all encompassing word these days. With the growth of independent markets, online selling platforms and easy access to source materials, Craft has never been this big. Whether you're making it or buying it, Craft is the new cool.

Reputable organisations like Object Gallery and Craft Victoria have always had a progressive approach to 'making', supporting a sophisticated mix of artists and designers producing a dynamic range of objects. But confidence in mainstream Craft has been growing for years, and the plethora of do-it-yourself home make over and cooking shows have all helped to instil confidence in our ability to make it ourselves.

At Bird, we love to make things. For me, making stuff gives me the warm fuzzy feelings. Growing up in a small rural village in South Wales, with a mum in the W.I . (the British version of the Country Womens Association) and a nana knitting for the local village fete , home grown vegies in the garden, and homemade clothes on my back, it was only really a matter of time before the creative craft bug would get me. It doesn't get much more wholesome than a wide eyed kid with sticky fingers.

The significant resurgence of Craft over the last few years has been phenomenal.

Everything we do at Bird is a Craft. Is handmade with love. From the patterns we design to go on our fabrics, to the printing of those fabrics, to the covered buttons, to the bags, clothes, cushions, lampshades, the packaging design, even the hand printed bags we use to parcel up your goodies. We are in the business of making beautiful things... read more [+/-]

But we also recognise that you like to have a go at making beautiful things yourselves.

Birds' Craft range is all about supporting you to have a go. Giving you the materials to play with pattern and colour, to become a maker, to let your creative spirit run wild. And all the little bits and pieces are made from certified organic cotton and hand printed using water based dyes so your Craft project can not only look good, but feel good too.

You'll find an extensive range of goodies in this Craft section of the website.

Starting with our best selling Craft Packs. In each Craft Pack you'll find a selection of remnant pieces across a colour range. We guarantee each piece is no smaller than an A4 piece of paper, and often they are much bigger. Perfect for little craft projects, and a good way to play with small samples of our prints before deciding to make bigger purchases.

Our fat quarter stars are made up of three contrasting organic fabrics, in the traditional measured fat quarter pieces...for those of you who don't know what that is, a fat quarter is a one fourth yard cut of fabric, made popular in the craft of quilting.

There are three different kits to have a go at making some of our more popular products...the chook doorstop, the bird purse, and the patchwork cushion. Each kit contains all the bits and bobs you'll need for your project, plus comprehensive instructions to show you how.

And of course, our yummy buttons and bias binding will finish any craft project off beautifully.

Lots of beautiful organic Craft materials for you to play to your hearts content. Happy Crafting!